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Juliet Bruce, PhD

Ways to Work with Me 

Healing and transformation are incremental processes, and for many people best undertaken as focused, time-limited, and measurable commitments.

I offer many different arrangements for working together. This list does not include organizational training arrangements. For those, please see my Story Supervision page.


Periodic Story Sanctuaries focused on specific themes. This is an excellent and affordable way to experience my approach and connect with resonant community. Occasionally I offer a very affordable one. $40.

In September, I will again be offering Story Sanctuaries for:
  • Caregivers;
  • Cancer Survivors;
  • People  going through tough emotional times.
Keep informed about my Story Sanctuary schedule on Facebook, LinkedIn, or my newsletter, for which you can sign up on my home page.

Private 3-Session Online Package focusing on a theme of your choice. $350.

In this arrangement, I work with you in a similar way to my in-person sessions. We'll work to reframe your situation into a story format that can show you various options for going forward to greater well-being, love, abundance, and fulfillment.


6 sessions. If you have taken the group Write of Passage, I continue to work with you to deepen your experiential understanding of the subtext and back story of your life -- the story that's reflected in the environments you choose to live in or create around you, the people you attract into your life, the situations that repeat -- and to find the new story that wants to come forth. Online - $750 prepaid.


SINGLE SESSION for caregivers, families, and people facing a major threshold or nearing the end of their life. $200.

There are times in our lives when nothing matters more than healing or affirming our connections with other people. Storytelling is one of the most effective ways to reach out for life, for celebration, and for peace, and to give back love through listening.

If you or your loved one is ill or incapacitated, I will come to you. Otherwise, we will meet in my office.

Couples session for restoring the strength of your love. (NEW!) $275.

Long-term relationships may grow stale not from lack of love, but rather lack of curiosity about our partner. We tell ourselves a habitual story about who they are, making it impossible for them (or ourselves, for that matter) to grow. This session will help you remember your best moments together and facilitate your own inner wisdom about how to renew your love.

6 in-person sessions . In person in my office on 34th St. -$1,050 prepaid. (15% discount.)

In this basic counseling arrangement, I work with you to find the subtext and back story of your life -- the one that is reflected in the environments in which you choose to live and work, the people you attract into your life, the situations that repeat -- and to find the new and truer story that wants to come forth.

In a session, you may draw or dance your story before finding the right words, as it is comfortable and appropriate for you. We may work with a particular story or film that resonates, or take a museum tour together to break through blocks by finding stories your favorite paintings tell you. Or you may prefer to talk directly about your situation, knowing that I bring the fresh and expansive perspective of story.

Museum tour ("Stories Paintings Tell") available for extra fee. Request a free consultation.

12 in-person sessions.

You may find it useful to do 6 weekly sessions, with 6 bi-weekly or monthly follow-up sessions.
In person $1,920.
20% discount. Request a free consultation.'

This arrangement allows tie for you to absorb and integrate your past, present, and future stories. As your right path emerges through this creative process, you will be able to live with greater intention, effectiveness, and enjoyment. Seemingly intractable problems will loosen their hold on your life. Your spirit will be revived.

Camille Pissarro, "Flowering Plum Tree, Eragny." 1894.

Counseling for Creative and Meaningful Change

I use an ancient healing story process, adapted to modern realities, to facilitate the emergence of new internal stories when the old ones no longer serve you.

My clients are people in transition, who have had traditional therapy and who are not dealing with behavioral or serious mental health issues. If you are dealing with more severe conditions, I will refer you to a trusted colleague.

While it's not necessary to be an actual writer or artist, I do my best work with people who are willing to engage in a creative process with me.

Please feel free to take advantage of my offer of a free phone or online session to explore whether my approach is right for you.

If we decide to work together, you may address old issues again. But you will also know that you are being held within a compassionate narrative structure that is the scaffold of your new and happier life, and that you are on a journey of self-realization.

Anything that occurs in our sessions will be confidential.

I work on a self-pay basis.
As noted, I offer a sliding scale for those who need it.

Cancellation policy: If you find it necessary to cancel your session, please do so at least 24 hours in advance, or you will be charged for that session.

19 W. 34th St., Penthouse
New York, NY 10001
(917) 432-4144(917) 432-4144
Office hours:
By Appointment

    Phone and Online appointments are also arranged for mutual convenience.

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